New development of SOMA PUMPS:

the first monobloc-SOMA SINUS SODIAL-pump on the world market

With the SCN-D series of the SOMA SINUS SODIAL® PUMP, SOMA PUMPS GmbH was the first to launch a new development on the market. The further development of the SOMA SINUS SODIAL® PUMP as a monobloc version is a SOMA SINUS SODIAL® PUMP, which does not require a bearing block, coupling and a complex base plate. In this version, the SOMA SINUS SODIAL® PUMP is therefore flanged directly to the drive.


This version is available in various sizes up to 40,000 l/h with a maximum counterpressure of 10 bar. A big advantage is that all wear parts of the pump are identical to the 15 bar version with bearing block. This means - no separate storage for the wear parts - 100% interchangeability between the variant with separate coupling and the directly flanged variant.

Now available MR-Parts

SOMA is supplying since 2010 high quality parts for the SPS range of SINUS SODIAL® pumps. SOMA is proud that there is such an increasing amount of loyal customers for SCN range of parts and pumps. SOMA can cover also special parts and legacy parts of very old SINUS SODIAL® pumps. Frequently SOMA is overhauling  units being even

30 years old which is a sign of this superior design.

Now, the next step is to offer also MR unit parts which are very popular especially in the Americas. This step is made because of the very heavy demand for such parts. Customers learned and understood that SOMA has the knowledge to cover this range of parts, too. In steps we are offering all sorts of parts starting with the larger units first.

We are looking to expand our sales and distribution network for the Americas – so if you are interested – please get in touch with us.

New partner in New Zeeland

Abstatt, October 5th 2016,

SOMA GmbH announces the appointment of Spraytech NZ LTD as the new channel partner for SOMA pumps in New Zeeland. Martin Sommer of SOMA says – the increased demand for support in New Zeeland for SINUS SODIAL design pumps directed us to the decision to find a suitable partner for our pump program. Spraytech has excellent contacts to the whole industry and we will make sure that we will support Spraytech with our knowledge that they will be successful as all our other partners.

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