The increasing demand of the customers for even more gentle transfer of the  products is a fact. Regardless if soups, sauces, ready meals, salads, sausage emulsion or fruits in syrup – we have the most economical solution for nearly all applications.



If water or high viscous fruit juice concentrate – high or low back pressure – we always have the right solution. The SCN series of SOMA Pumps is perfect for frozen orange juice concentrate with down to – 11 C. The product is able to enter the pump – without interruption – due to the continuous open inlet and can be than transferred with up to 15 bar back pressure.




Bodylotions, Shampoos, Lotions or Bodypeelings. Free of pulsation and gentle ! Highest urface quality – CIP  cleanability ? Surface RA < 0,8 µm ?  Our wide range makes it  possible.




High viscous silicone products, glue, suspensions or detergents – shear sensitive or low viscous products – with or without force feed, everything is possible with the Sinusoidal pump from the company SOMA ! All kind of connections are for the Sinusoidal pump available.




Milk, Joghurt, Cheesecurd, Butter, Soft or Hardcheese - all is possible.
There is only one point of contact due to the wide range of products of SOMA Pumps GmbH




The SINUSOIDAL PUMP of SOMA is able to pump fruit or meat pie fillings without changing the structure of the product.  Other applications are delicatessen salads or meat emulsions. Low shear, gentle pumping action avoids product damage and giving a high quality to the end product. The SINUSOIDAL PUMP has superior suction capability.  Even high viscous products can be transferred without any problem.




Caramel, Chocolate, Sugersolution, Fat, Candy, Chrismascake, or Fruifillings. 
With or without heating jacket of the pump cover or pumphousing.
Single or double mechanical seal – we have the right solution for you.





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