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The SOMA Pumps GmbH is an owner-managed company, which is currently headed by the successors of the developer of the SINUS pump. Together with our team, we have many years of experience in the pump business, especially with pumps based on the SINUS principle.


The developer of the SINE-PUMP and founder of MASO –

Manfred Sommer – is also available to the SOMA team. In recent years, we have made significant improvements to make the pump even better after the SINUS design. Our products are manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards. In Germany, SOMA's products are sold directly from the headquarters in Abstatt. The currently over 20 international agencies also serve markets outside Germany.


Since 1985 Martin Sommer has been dealing with the SINE PUMP technology. As the son of the inventor of the SINE pump, he was responsible for the development of the sales organization and later, as managing director, for the growth of MASO Process-Pumpen GmbH. After the integration of MASO into Sundyne LLC, he continued to work as General Manager of MASO Process-Pumpen GmbH until 2008. Since 2010 he has been the CEO of SOMA Pumps.


Since 2010 Gabriele Marschall has been the Chief Executive Officer of SOMA Pumps. Previously as Inside Sales Coordinator for the Sales area USA at the former MASO Process-Pumpen GmbH


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